“We were in the process of extensively rebuilding our house and realised that there were landscaping problems that neither the architect, the builder nor ourselves were competent to solve. We, therefore, asked Jane to look at the design.

I have the very highest regard for Jane’s work. She is absolutely professional, utterly reliable and well organised. She communicates clearly and straightforwardly with the client and is open and honest about what can be achieved within the constraints of a budget. Her management of the contractors is excellent. Jane combines a vast knowledge of and love for plants with an excellent eye for design, both in terms of hard landscaping and the planting itself. The process of creating our garden has been a pleasure, for Jane works wonderfully well with everyone, builders, architects, landscape contractors, clients. She listens carefully and seems to have a creative solution for every part of the design. She is patient, helping the client to decide rather than deciding for him! Her passion for plants is infectious.

The design she has created for our garden is inspired… I am delighted to be able to recommend Jane to you in the very highest terms.”