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Design Process

Every garden is different, every client individual

Jane oversees all projects from consultation to completion. Whilst each project is different, her design process is broadly the same. She endeavours to deliver on brief, on budget and on time.

Consultancy visit

Jane spends time with you, discussing the brief, understanding your needs and vision for the project. She takes comprehensive notes, sketches and photographs to form a basis for the design process.

Site survey

To enable Jane to start the design, comprehensive measurements are taken of the house and garden, to include levels, soil samples, aspects, views and photographs.

Layout plan

Combined, the consultancy visit and site survey form the basis of the layout plan.
A good design will combine practicalities, function and aesthetics with your own personal preferences.
Interim sketches and meetings can be arranged before the final design is prepared.

Planting plan

Once the layout plan is finalised and agreed, Jane prepares a planting plan. This takes into consideration the aspect and growing conditions of the site. Colour and texture feature highly and can be tailored to suit your tastes.


Jane works with several preferred contractors and can produce a written specification and construction drawings, should the project require it.

Materials for hard landscaping are chosen to reflect the architecture of the building and its location.